Hemp Nog


It has been a crazy week at work with co-workers taking days off for Thanksgiving, on baby leave, and calling in sick. Non-stop stress and running around with too much multitasking makes work days a blur and my brain feeling mushy at the end of the day. But I’m in a great mood because I’m […]

Simple Soft Serve


Happy Halloween! I’m typing this between running trips to the front door to hand out candy and we’re getting a lot of trick-or-treaters! Hubby did an awesome job on our jack-o-lantern. And we’ve got three pouting dogs in the backyard. Skipper has a hugely loud and booming bark that rattles us every time the doorbell […]

Cinnamon Raisin Protein Ice Cream


With three dogs now, dinner time is a bit of a chaotic feeding frenzy around here. The boys, Miko and Skipper, clean their bowls and head over to the other bowl to check for more. And check around the bowl for anything missed. It’s so exhausting, Skipper usually crashes for a nap after. I had […]

Sweet Curry Ice Cream


Ah, Friday eve finally. And Miko is ready to party, we had an intense play session when I got home from the gym with his favorite dirty pig toy. It might be time to put it through the wash again. Shadow just watched the craziness, I think he might have rolled his eyes a few […]

Chocolate Brownie Balls


I can’t complain about this work week, it’s been much better than last week being shorter and not on call. But still happy tomorrow is Friday and I decided to celebrate early with hubby by stepping out to Baagan for lunch for this week’s salad trio – a unique shaved brussels sprouts, apple, and mustard […]

Chocolate Therapy


Happy Super Bowl Sunday, hope your plans for the big day are for fun and great, healthy food. Ours are up in the air since poor hubby arrived home from his week of business travel with flu symptoms running a fever all of yesterday, coughing, and no energy. Miko, with his dirty toy, has been a […]

Raw Protein Gingerbread Ice Cream


Even though this week has been hectic, I’m finally feeling relaxed and giddy about the holidays because my shopping is done … I think. And the chilly winter weather, Christmas playlist, and gorgeous holiday lights have been making weeknight runs nice! Shadow has been having his own celebration snoozing under the Christmas tree as much […]