Watermelon Tomato Salad


Between my Costco trip last weekend, our garden, and this huge batch of tomatoes delivered in our farm box today, we’re overflowing with tomatoes! I needed to use some up quick with dinner and was craving something cool and hydrating since today’s high was 106 degrees of dry heat. I decided to experiment with a […]

Tempeh Stuffed Pepper


Tempeh is my current favorite post-workout dinner. Especially after another intense 3 mile run pushing my pace and incline. I’m usually craving protein and and something hearty after a serious sweat session. But not something hot in our extreme, triple-digit heat this week! Tonight I decided to use tempeh in a quick, semi-raw stuffed pepper […]

Ginger Tempeh Hummus


Okay, this weekend might be going by too fast. Friday, well most of the week, was simply insane at work. Time flew, but the stress levels weren’t fun at all and haven’t been easy to come down from this weekend. I spent most of Saturday running errands and getting the house under control with gardening […]

Quick Tempeh Burgers


Is it Friday yet? Someone please say yes! Things just have not been slowing down at work, I spent most of the morning putting out fires and feeling torn in 14 directions at once. Weeks like this are tough because I come home feeling mentally drained and not too creative for dinner. Not a problem […]

Tempeh Alfredo Sauce


Monday nights are rarely exciting at the dinner table here, something about the long work week ahead and a busy day at work just does not compel me to get creative in the kitchen. But not today, I came up with a crazy tempeh idea in between addressing the weekend’s worth of work emails. After […]

Roasted Spicy Tempeh & Cauliflower


It’s been a wacky and stressful week to say the least with so much going on at work, rain, keeping up with workouts and half marathon training, and fighting off another bug going around. I’ve been trying to stick to simple, nutrient dense meals to combat this madness, like a loaded kale salad dressed with […]

Tempeh Tots


It’s only Tuesday and the week is already filled with ups and downs! A downer is work has been nuts still, so much going on with system upgrades, start ups, etc. I’m glad to be busy and it makes the day fly by, but it’s draining when our department is shorthanded. And then there was […]

Spicy Tempeh Filling


I still have not caught the stomach flu that’s everywhere, but the co-worker next to me did this week, ack! And it’s not pleasant, one guy was out of work for a week with it! So I’m still on high paranoia alert disinfecting regularly and sterilizing my cube at work about every 10 minutes. I’ve […]