Fiery Ginger Dressing


Poor Leela, she has an irrational phobia of house flies, hates them. She turns into a nervous, shaking wreck whenever one gets in the house. So much so that she’s willing to cuddle up with Miko in their kennel safe spot to hide from them. Not Miko, he’s won’t stop until he catches them and spits them back […]

Summery Garlic Hemp Dressing


Sunday we headed to IKEA for lunch and a little shopping where I finally tried IKEA’s new vegan veggie balls. IKEA has always been okay to eat vegan at offering salads, soups, and veggie wraps, but hardly anything exciting enough to justify waiting through the long weekend line. I waited it out because I was […]

Super Broccoli Soup


I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday, I’m looking forward to rest and fun after this work week. And catching up on laundry, eek! Miko has been cuddling up to hubby a lot this week looking for play time, he gets restless and bored with us working all day. I wish I could take Miko to work, […]

Creamy Summery Garlic Dressing


I’m sad the long weekend is over and it was back to the grind today, but we have more fun planned next weekend and a short work week! Memorial Day was very low key here, my mom came over with her super energetic dog, Dasher. All three dogs instantly started competing for her attention, she could not get […]

Raw Vegan Version of a Classic


Friday is almost here, thank goodness! And Miko is thankful for zucchini scraps he gets when I break out my vegetable spiral slicer. Summer approaching means soon zucchini will be everywhere here and I’m looking forward to loading up on massively huge ones at farmer’s markets just so I can use my spiral slicer for […]

Salads Can Be Gooey and Cheesy


Miko is a little bored with me this week. I’m still feeling washed out with this cold, but it’s almost gone! Thank goodness, I’m ready after 5 days of it! Colds can cause some interesting food cravings for me, anything salty, fatty, and/or sweet which are bad options for energy crashes and feeling even more […]

How Hemp Seeds Can Be Creamy Comfort Food


It’s been a feisty week here so far, the chihuahuas seem to have spring fever. Miko has been taunting Leela more to play chase. Leela wants nothing to do with it and turns into a growling tornado when she’s decided she’s had enough. That’s Miko’s queue to hide under the table for a bit while she […]

This Nut-free Cake Pleases Everyone


I’m still recovering from the fun-loaded weekend after being on call for work, celebrating, running errands, and our Easter celebration. I need a weekend from the weekend! But it all went good and we had a huge and active Easter celebration at my sister’s house with family, friends, and way too much food. Thanks to […]

Why Kale Makes Pesto Better


Whew, Friday is almost here. Pesto is awesome, right? It’s creamy, rich, savory, decadent, and has a lovely garlic kick. But the traditional recipes are too decadent packed with oil and cheese, it’s a greasy way to add too many calories, a nutritional nightmare! Basil is tasty and it smells heavenly. But it’s nutritional profile […]

Curry Ginger Banana Soup


Leela is not a happy camper after her vet appointment yesterday. Her sniffling cold has been hanging around for the last week, so to the vet she went to find out why. Turns out she has a sinus infection, got a shot, and has to take 4 pills a day for awhile now. Poor girl! […]