Food, Fun, and Mint Dressing


It’s almost the middle of the week and I’m still living last weekend in this post. That’s all right with how crazy it’s been the last couple of days, I’d rather be thinking about the weekend! Hubby and I stepped out to try a new Chinese restaurant last weekend, Leo’s Kitchen, that had a lot […]

Kale Pesto


Happy weekend! How’s yours going? A little too fast here, not sure I’m ready to head back to work tomorrow after last week’s business, but oh well. I adore kale and have it multiple times a day frequently between smoothies and salads. But I’m also in a bit of a rut with it using it […]

Dry Skin Brushing & Raw Cheddar Sauce


TGIF! I am ready for a little fun this weekend after busy days at work. I ordered myself a little splurge gift from Amazon, the Tampico Skin Brush. From the product description: Skin Brush helps remove dead skin cells and promotes circulation and the natural relief and cleansing process that occurs through the pores of […]