Why Smoothies Are the Best Fast Food


When it comes to smoothies, there are many different directions you can go from a light serving alternative to fruits and veggies to a full on hearty meal replacement. I’m more of a meal replacement girl, smoothies are my go to for fast, healthy, energizing, and nutritious meals on the go and my favorite for […]

Cocoa Mint Hemp Milk


I did something I usually don’t do for dinner last night – grabbed fast food. Chipotle actually because I wanted to support the Sofritas tofu promotion where you get to come back for a free menu item over the next month if you order a menu item with Sofritas. I ordered mine over the mobile […]

Mint Chocolate Hemp Milk


Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I still have not completed a menu. This year we’re having a very small scale Thanksgiving at our house with just my mom and a lot of dogs, so I’m not too worried about it. I’ll probably finalize my ingredient list and hit the grocery store on […]

Hemp Nog


It has been a crazy week at work with co-workers taking days off for Thanksgiving, on baby leave, and calling in sick. Non-stop stress and running around with too much multitasking makes work days a blur and my brain feeling mushy at the end of the day. But I’m in a great mood because I’m […]

My Everyday Hemp Milk


I promise I’m alive and have some good stuff to post soon and looking forward to getting back to a regular posting schedule.  But it’s been a rough and bumpy weekend in the hospital with my grandma with a round-the-clock visiting schedule to spend time with her and constantly reminding her that she’s cared about […]

Busy Day Almond Milk & Dinner Wraps


Today was another horrifically busy day, our IT team of 5 people was down to 2 and we were scrambling. The word tired just doesn’t seem to cut it after today. This morning before racing out the door, I used the last bit of almond milk in my coffee and was in no mood to […]