Fiery Ginger Dressing


Poor Leela, she has an irrational phobia of house flies, hates them. She turns into a nervous, shaking wreck whenever one gets in the house. So much so that she’s willing to cuddle up with Miko in their kennel safe spot to hide from them. Not Miko, he’s won’t stop until he catches them and spits them back […]

Summery Garlic Hemp Dressing


Sunday we headed to IKEA for lunch and a little shopping where I finally tried IKEA’s new vegan veggie balls. IKEA has always been okay to eat vegan at offering salads, soups, and veggie wraps, but hardly anything exciting enough to justify waiting through the long weekend line. I waited it out because I was […]

Simple Sweet Dressing


Leela is still not happy about the triple digit heat here, she kind of wanders around the house restless and seems a little more on edge being stuck inside. But it’s too dangerous to take them for long walks during the worst of the heat. Miko agrees, he’s still fine with chilling inside. I’m fine […]

Nacho Avocado Dip


This week is almost over, whew! I’m looking forward to some fun this weekend too, the last few days at work have just seemed to drag on. I think I have summer fever, road trips and adventures sound much better in the sunny, warm weather than being in an office. So does having outdoor parties […]

Summery Dill Dressing


The dry summer heat is in full swing here, we’re seeing more highs in the triple digits and it’s nice to stay inside enjoying the air conditioning during that time! Luckily the mornings and evenings are cool for runs and yard work, we just try to plan to stay inside during the worst of the […]

Spicy Peanut Dressing


At Whole Foods over the weekend, I impulse bought a quinoa starter plant to add to our garden. It looks like a weed, I would never have guessed it produces such a hearty grain. From what I’ve been reading, we’re not gonna get much from it and it will only grow about 2′ tall. But […]

Making Broccoli A Decadent Dressing Again


Hello from Austin! We arrived today for Vida Vegan Con, my first one and sadly the last one of these conferences so I’m glad to be attending! I will have a ton of posts and pics coming soon when we have faster wifi. Before we left, I was getting the pouty look from Miko because he […]

Creamy Summery Garlic Dressing


I’m sad the long weekend is over and it was back to the grind today, but we have more fun planned next weekend and a short work week! Memorial Day was very low key here, my mom came over with her super energetic dog, Dasher. All three dogs instantly started competing for her attention, she could not get […]

Creamy Broccoli-Based Dressing


Miko is such a sweetie, he’s always ready for play time and/or cuddle time when I get home from work and follows me around the house. It’s hard not to feel guilty for being tired after a busy day, how do working parents do it? Smokey is happy to just hang around with us even […]

Simple and Flavor Packed Salad


Whew, Friday is almost here. It’s been a busy week, except for the chihuahuas who have been little couch potatoes. I think Leela is pouting at me for not enough walks and attention. I spent all day today at an IT conference which is always a nice break from work for learning and networking. And […]