Hemp Hollandaise Sauce


Things have been a little cranky here this week with Leela, she’s been extra annoyed when Skipper gets too close to her and pouted in a blanket on the couch tonight because he favorite fireplace bed was occupied. Smokey decided Leela’s Cuddle Cube is her favorite bed this week. Apparently Smokey is not the first […]

Cheesy Protein Sauce


Whew, almost Friday and then a 3-day weekend! I’m ready after a busy week and thankful. Skipper is very thankful for V-Dog. The dogs get two meals a day now, breakfast and dinner, because that schedule is better for Skipper’s blood sugar. I had to break up the chihuahuas dinner into two small meals, but […]

Ginger Orange Dressing


So happy the weekend is finally here! And we might get some much needed rain today, it’s overcast and breezy outside. Perfect weather for staying at home and tackling a long list of cleaning and other projects. One of these days I will successfully capture a video of Skipper’s happy dance because he does the […]