Creamy Broccoli-Based Dressing


Miko is such a sweetie, he’s always ready for play time and/or cuddle time when I get home from work and follows me around the house. It’s hard not to feel guilty for being tired after a busy day, how do working parents do it? Smokey is happy to just hang around with us even […]

Simple and Flavor Packed Salad


Whew, Friday is almost here. It’s been a busy week, except for the chihuahuas who have been little couch potatoes. I think Leela is pouting at me for not enough walks and attention. I spent all day today at an IT conference which is always a nice break from work for learning and networking. And […]

Super Tangy and Probiotic Salad


Miko is recovering from his vet visit last week to have two teeth removed and he’s almost done with his medication which we’ll both appreciate not having to deal with pills twice a day! Leela is happy to tunnel herself into blankets this week, she’s been feeling anti social. I don’t blame her after having […]

Raw Vegan Version of a Classic


Friday is almost here, thank goodness! And Miko is thankful for zucchini scraps he gets when I break out my vegetable spiral slicer. Summer approaching means soon zucchini will be everywhere here and I’m looking forward to loading up on massively huge ones at farmer’s markets just so I can use my spiral slicer for […]

Salads Can Be Gooey and Cheesy


Miko is a little bored with me this week. I’m still feeling washed out with this cold, but it’s almost gone! Thank goodness, I’m ready after 5 days of it! Colds can cause some interesting food cravings for me, anything salty, fatty, and/or sweet which are bad options for energy crashes and feeling even more […]

Cauliflower Can Be Creamy and Delicious


It’s feeling like summer already here with lots of sunshine and making it difficult to face spending a day in the office. I’ll probably be singing a different tune when we hit triple digit heat, but for now we’re enjoying more time playing in the backyard. Miko loves racing around for his toy. Not Smokey, […]

How Hemp Seeds Can Be Creamy Comfort Food


It’s been a feisty week here so far, the chihuahuas seem to have spring fever. Miko has been taunting Leela more to play chase. Leela wants nothing to do with it and turns into a growling tornado when she’s decided she’s had enough. That’s Miko’s queue to hide under the table for a bit while she […]

Spicy Citrus and Ginger to Wake Up a Salad


Leela is getting revenge. She’s put up with Miko stealing parts of her dinners and breakfasts for years because she’ll only eat part and come back for more later … if there’s anything left. Not anymore! She’s been going after what’s left in Miko’s bowl this week and seems to have more of an appetite. Can’t […]

This Turmeric Dressing Makes You Feel Alive


This week started off strong, I was feeling good about starting my mornings earlier for more productivity before work and getting to the gym after a focused vinyasa yoga class on Sunday. Then things started getting crazy at work with lots of projects, urgent problems, and overtime. The IT world can just be fun and spontaneous like […]

Sweet and Spicy Tahini Brings a Salad to Life


I’ve officially completed my second hot vinyasa yoga class at Zuda Yoga thanks to ClassPass and I’m starting to really like it and get the hang of it, I’m tempted to work up to an advance level if I can fit the classes in with my current gym/work schedule. There is something very therapeutic and relaxing […]