Autumn Squash Dressing


Thanks again for the kind words on Shadow, it’s been tough dealing with multiple losses this month. We’re thankful to have had the time we did with them and trying to focus on celebrating that. Miko, Leela, and Smokey have been so sweet to us as we’re dealing with everything, Miko has been extra cuddly […]



I’m sad to report that Shadow passed away yesterday morning at home. He declined Sunday morning and was lethargic most of the day, hubby and I struggled to keep him comfortable, hydrated, and fed as much as possible as we decided what to do. By Sunday night he improved a little and was eating and […]

Protein Dijon Dressing


Hey, Friday is almost here! I’m ready, it’s been an odd week of drama and stress. Thank goodness for great family to talk to, a wonderful husband, and intense workouts to blow off a little steam. And we’re still kicking it here with Shadow, he’s eating and drinking. But not gaining any weight, very skinny, […]

Living It Up


Darn, another weekend disappeared too fast! It was a fun, but busy weekend! And a weekend full of rich eating, whew! It started on Friday when hubby and I went to Baagan for lunch to try this week’s trio plate. It was pretty amazing with scallion sweet potato pancakes, coconut chili brown rice, and orange […]

Scenes from San Francisco


Shadow is hanging in there, he’s been eating and roaming the house which is hopeful that he has a little more time. And I am finally done recapping last weekend after this post and what a weekend it was! After leaving the VegFest Saturday, we checked into our hotel near Union Square in San Francisco […]

Scenes from Apple Hill


Thank you for the kind words on Skipper, I really appreciated the sweet comments and emails. It’s a tough time since Shadow, our sweet older kitty, is not doing well and losing more weight. Hoping for good news from the vet tomorrow. But I’m grateful to be able to share our lives with so many […]



I’m slowly getting back to reality and the grind after a non-stop roller coaster ride this weekend. I have lots to catch up on and tons of pictures to go through this week. The last three days have been such a whirlwind that it feels like it’s been a month. But this post will be […]