Sweet Dijon Dressing


I’m still ready for fall. Seriously, come on cooler breezes and turning leaves. And maybe a little rain if we’re lucky. It’s still hot here and poor Skipper is getting tired of it too. We can’t take him for walks during the daytime because it’s still just too hot for the poor old guy who’s […]

Drive Electric Event and Hemp Tofu


I think I’m mostly recovered from the weekend, woo! Saturday I crammed in an early 8-mile run on a treadmill at the gym. Crazy, right? But it wasn’t horrible because I updated my playlists. I actually like doing at least one long half-marathon training run on a treadmill because I can force myself to stick […]

Coconut Curry Dressing


I miss the long weekend already, it was quiet and relaxing and somewhat productive. Shadow slept most of it during the days so he could run up and down the halls screaming at 2am. I spent some time studying for an IT certification exam with a happy chihuahua in my lap. And ate this simple […]

Eggplant Quinoa


The drought here is scary, lots of water conservation warnings and disturbing images of dried up rivers and lakes. We’ve put our garden plans on hold until conditions improve to conserve water, so we have a lot of dry dirt pots in our backyard with no plants. Skipper has decided they make good beds. We’ve […]

Hemp Cheddar Noodles


Fall is getting closer because spaghetti squashes are showing up in the stores. I pretty much like all squash, but these are one of my favorites just for the fun factor. I grabbed this cute little organic one over the weekend. And it inspired this new cheddar hemp sauce for a cheesy noodle squash bowl. […]

The Fix for Foodies & Pesto Quinoa


Yesterday I headed to Nevada City for a vegan meet up at The Fix for Foodies hosted by Kayle of Cowgirls & Collard Greens. I’ve been there before, but it’s been awhile, so I jumped at this opportunity to hang out with familiar vegan friends and meet new vegans. Nevada City is about an hour […]

Breathbones & Brazil Nut Pesto Dressing


I got adventurous this week and ordered V-dog Breathbones with our usual kibble order from V-Dog. Skipper does not always have the freshest breath and he loves to chew, so I’m always looking for vegan ways to keep him busy. I ordered the small size to try so the chihuahuas could try them too and […]

Simple Lentil Miso Soup


Skipper is always such a sweetie and boy does he love meal time! He got such a workout last night frantically cleaning his bowl, then Miko’s bowl, that he had to lay down and rest in the kitchen. I got a bit of a workout using my spiral slicer on a huge zucchini. I have […]