Balsamic Beet Dressing


Thank goodness Friday is almost here, it’s been a week at work! Always nice to come home to a sweet hubby and Miko ready for couch cuddling. Also nice to keep dinners simple, nutrient dense, and delicious. And this balsamic beet dressing recipe fits the bill being avocado and beet based and packing a tangy […]

Cocoa Mint Hemp Milk


I did something I usually don’t do for dinner last night – grabbed fast food. Chipotle actually because I wanted to support the Sofritas tofu promotion where you get to come back for a free menu item over the next month if you order a menu item with Sofritas. I ordered mine over the mobile […]

Butternut Rosemary Dressing


We’re having a lazy Sunday here, Miko burrowed himself and his toy under blankets in his office bed since it’s been an oddly foggy and chilly weekend. The sun did come out yesterday afternoon, so I took the chihuahuas for a long walk. Really long walk since they like to stop and smell everything! It […]

Creamy Ginger Dressing


I’m still getting the stink eye from the chihuahuas for taking them to the vet Monday for shots and going to work today and not playing with them enough. And I feel guilty, they just don’t understand that I have to work to feed them! I fed myself a beautiful kale salad with a creamy […]

Split Pea Quinoa with Lentils


Leela and Miko are still recovering and maybe not talking to me slightly after yesterday. We took them both to the vet for annual shots and nail clippings which I hate putting them through. Leela is a little better about car rides and going to the vet after multiple teeth cleanings, but poor Miko pouted […]

Weekend Fun


I have been thoroughly enjoying my long weekend at home relaxing, playing in the kitchen, and catching up on stuff like harvesting and freezing tons of tangerines from the tree in our backyard for smoothies, growing more sprouts, and minimizing clutter in the office. And playing with this sweet little guy of course. Also enjoying […]

Cheesy Broccoli Dressing


TGIF! Especially for me since I’m taking today off for a 4 day weekend and having a relaxing morning at home drinking coffee and enjoying the foggy, drizzly weather. I actually like this weather, it’s peaceful, pretty, and a great excuse to park it in front of the fireplace like Miko. Or in front of […]

Tahini Ginger Dressing & A Hearty Burger


Leela is happy for now, she claimed her cozy fireplace bed back from Smokey. And Miko has been eagerly waiting for more play time following me around the house. And I’m working with another new NuNaturals product for this salad dressing recipe – NuNaturals NuStevia Simple Syrup. This is a simple syrup, it only has […]

Mint Cocoa Smoothie & Summer Dressing


Happy, relaxing weekend! Well maybe not for Leela. She’s pouting about Smokey discovering her favorite bed by the fireplace and hogging it. Looks like we need to pick up another bed! I’ve been enjoying decadent chocolate mint smoothies the last few days thanks to NuNaturals NuStevia Cocoa Mint Syrup. I should probably be coming up […]

Creamy Avocado Rosemary Salad


Friday is almost here. Today was another crazy day, but I’m doing much better after a great workout at the gym and a glass of wine. Still thinking about taking a few days off from work after working through the holidays. I’m craving a little down time to tackle a few projects at home and […]