Weekend List with ClassPass


I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fitness class girl. When it comes to working out, I’m kind of in a fitness “what works” rut with gym days, home workouts, and running routines around my work schedule. I’ve been thinking for awhile that I’d like to try more classes and get into yoga more, but that […]

How Banana Makes A Salad Decadent


Hooray for the weekend almost being here. Leela and Miko agree, they’d like more walks and play time. And more carrots, they both come running into the kitchen now when I’m chopping carrots for a salad. Keeping a little container of chopped carrot “coins” in the fridge have been great, healthy, and inexpensive treats for […]

Why Broccoli Makes Better Hummus


Poor Leela is still having a rough time with allergies and was back to the vet today. Over the weekend, she turned into a little hunger monster that had to pee a lot! Not like her at all and I got paranoid about possible bladder infection, diabetes, etc. Nope, it was just the prednisone she […]

Weekend List


I hate being sick and thankfully this cold is mostly gone and I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym today. Friday was the worst of it and I ended up staying home from work because I only got about 2 hours of sleep and my head felt like it was trying to implode. […]

Avocado Nacho Dressing


It’s been a week with a lot of stress at work and me cranky while battling a cold, I’m ready for it to end and had to remind myself to breathe and be grateful a few times! Miko seems to know I’m a little out of sorts and has been extra clingy and cuddly. And […]

Better Ranch Dressing


Poor Leela is still having sinus issues. We learned at her last vet appointment that she’s still battling a sinus infection and possibly allergies which have been really bad for pets this year too with the drought. She’s hanging in there and happy to hang around the dinner table reminding us we could be sharing. […]

Weekend List


It’s been a quiet weekend here which is great after a busy week. I’ve been breaking in my new Brooks Glycerin 12s at the gym and for running, so far so good! I like that I didn’t have to go up in sizing in them for running like I did with the Nike Lunarglides, Brooks […]

Another Awesome Ginger Dressing


Friday is almost here and Miko is ready, he thinks we’ve been working too much and not playing with him enough. I agree! Time to start thinking about using vacation time! He did enjoy the little bits of carrot I fed him while making this dressing because can you ever really get tired of tahini […]

Chocolate Mousse Cake


Miko has discovered a new game called stash treats in the couch. I found quite a few cleaning over the weekend which made him very excited. The thought of heading back to Las Vegas makes me excited because I have a soft spot for the Wynn Las Vegas. I did a huge report and presentation on […]

Weekend List


Boo on losing an hour this weekend, I feel it! Miko doesn’t seem to notice, he’s been up to the usual of making sure the floor around our dining table is clean. And Smokey’s usual is carefully observing what’s going on around the house. I’ve been having no stress this weekend, playing with projects such […]