Making Broccoli A Decadent Dressing Again


Hello from Austin! We arrived today for Vida Vegan Con, my first one and sadly the last one of these conferences so I’m glad to be attending! I will have a ton of posts and pics coming soon when we have faster wifi. Before we left, I was getting the pouty look from Miko because he […]

Creamy Summery Garlic Dressing


I’m sad the long weekend is over and it was back to the grind today, but we have more fun planned next weekend and a short work week! Memorial Day was very low key here, my mom came over with her super energetic dog, Dasher. All three dogs instantly started competing for her attention, she could not get […]

Weekend List with Shopping Finds


Happy Memorial Day weekend! Ah, love long weekends especially after a wacky, busy week at work with a lot of projects and covering for people while they’re on vacation. But next week is my turn to go on vacation for a little adventure! We have been working on the garden, shopping, and relaxing so far this […]

Make It An Easy One Pot


Cool things are happening in our backyard like figs getting ripe. I barely got any figs from our fig tree last year because it was so little, there weren’t enough leaves to hide the ripe figs from the birds. But it’s bigger with more leaves this year so I’m hoping to get more! And one of our […]

Creamy Broccoli-Based Dressing


Miko is such a sweetie, he’s always ready for play time and/or cuddle time when I get home from work and follows me around the house. It’s hard not to feel guilty for being tired after a busy day, how do working parents do it? Smokey is happy to just hang around with us even […]

Weekend List with Great News on Fruit


Whew, it’s been a week. Hubby was out of town on business travel which sounds like it should be relaxing having the house to myself, but it wasn’t! I usually try to take at least one day off work when he’s out of town to have a little down time with the house to myself to […]

Simple and Flavor Packed Salad


Whew, Friday is almost here. It’s been a busy week, except for the chihuahuas who have been little couch potatoes. I think Leela is pouting at me for not enough walks and attention. I spent all day today at an IT conference which is always a nice break from work for learning and networking. And […]

Super Tangy and Probiotic Salad


Miko is recovering from his vet visit last week to have two teeth removed and he’s almost done with his medication which we’ll both appreciate not having to deal with pills twice a day! Leela is happy to tunnel herself into blankets this week, she’s been feeling anti social. I don’t blame her after having […]

Weekend List


Happy Mother’s Day! Poor Miko had a bad week, on Wednesday night I noticed one of his front teeth was loose and worried it was a painful problem for him. Our awesome, busy vet was able to fit him in for an early appointment the next morning and the poor guy spent all day there getting knocked […]

Raw Vegan Version of a Classic


Friday is almost here, thank goodness! And Miko is thankful for zucchini scraps he gets when I break out my vegetable spiral slicer. Summer approaching means soon zucchini will be everywhere here and I’m looking forward to loading up on massively huge ones at farmer’s markets just so I can use my spiral slicer for […]