Super Cheesy Hemp Sauce


Happy Tuesday, hope your week is going good! I’m feeling energized after a good workout at the gym and recovering from Sunday’s 9-mile run. I’d like to be one of those runners who can just run lots of miles all the time, multiple marathons a year and tons of energy. I’m starting small tackling longer runs on […]

Weekend List w/ A New Vegan Restaurant


It’s been a great weekend so far, hubby is home safely from business travel. I felt like a silly girly girl being home alone last week which is not like me. But one night someone rang our doorbell at an insane hour which set the dogs off and jarred me awake. Probably just some stupid […]

Simple Savory Cauliflower Soup


Almost Friday and that’s great, I’m ready! I’ve been flying solo this week with hubby on business travel which sounds a lot more relaxing than it is working all day and maintaining the house and pets in the evening. But I picked up something at Whole Foods last weekend to treat myself with over the […]

Crazy Carrot Miso Dressing


Leela is getting a little demanding lately letting me know when it’s her play time, walk time, and meal time. I can’t blame her, I feel like there is not enough time for everything I want to do this week. But Friday is getting closer and I did create a fun new version of my […]

Weekend List


Happy, relaxing weekend! It is nice to have a little down time after a busy week. Miko and Smokey love couch time with hubby. Leela is happy to have her cuddle cube bed all to herself. Until she claimed the mountain of warm, clean blankets that came out of the dryer from our camping trip. […]

Raw Creamy Italian Dressing


I am ready for the weekend. I’m ready to finish the laundry and cleaning from our camping trip and enjoy a little down time. So are the pups, Miko is ready for more play time. Leela is ready for more walks and to play more of her game refuse-to-look-at-the-camera. I’ve been enjoying a lot of salads, […]

Camping Vegan


Almost back to normal from our camping adventure last week with my sisters and their families, still a little sunburned and tired after living in the elements for 4 nights. I was truthfully dreading and looking forward to this trip, I haven’t been tent camping in years and wasn’t sure what to expect. And I like having […]

Back to it with the Weekend List


Back to reality for us after camping at Bodega Dunes for the last 5 days! Being disconnected and spending time with family is nice, but so are clean showers, fast internet, and bathrooms nearby! We are wiped and washing tons of smokey clothes and bed sheets, so this will be a quick list! But more […]

Curried Quinoa One Pot Meal


It’s been a busy week here and poor Miko has been pouting about us not spending enough time with him, he cuddles up to hubby on the couch while giving me the stink eye while I’m running around cleaning, preparing food in the kitchen, etc. Going to work all day is important for buying them […]

Simple Creamy Dill Dressing


Smokey has been enjoying sunbathing time in the summer heat. And attacking hubby through the curtains for a little play time. Sounds like the life to me, I’d happily trade the last two days at work for it! No lazy summer days for us lately, but I’m celebrating what’s left of summer with another simple summery […]