Beast Burger & Mushroom Avocado Dressing


Made it through another busy Tuesday, woohoo! Leela did too by spending most of it under her layers of blankets. Poor girl still has snuffly sinus issues after weeks of taking medication for a sinus infection and we need to go back to the vet about it. Miko is happy as always and ready to […]

Weekend List


It’s been a good weekend here so far even though we didn’t get as much rain as we were supposed to and my car is still a dirty mess! Miko has been loving all the attention with us home and doing stuff around the house. I had a girls night out Friday with my mom […]

Sweet Broccoli Curry Soup


Spring is starting to show up here, I spent some time admiring our blooming tree in the backyard with a beautiful sunset. And Miko was not happy with me for forgetting to let him out too, oops! Yes, that is a holiday mat. So what? :-) We have not bought new ones for spring yet. […]

Creamy Basil Dressing


Tuesdays aren’t my favorite day of the week. It’s still far from Friday and typically really busy at work and at the gym. It’s a long day that starts early in the morning when I drop the chihuahuas off at their daycare, or my mom’s house, before work and head to a busy gym right […]

Sweet & Spicy Tahini Dressing


Miko has recovered from our dog-sitting weekend and is happy to have hubby’s lap all to himself again. And Smokey is happy to have her favorite red blanket back and not have to hide in our closet.   I’m happy to be stocked with a lot of tahini in the pantry, I could eat it […]

Miso Ginger Stir Fry Sauce


Yesterday we dog-sitted my mom’s active 1-year-old chihuahua mix, Dasher, for the first time and he wasn’t sure about us for the first hour. He sat by the front door whimpering for mommy. After a couple of handfuls of V-dog, he decided we were okay and helped himself to Miko’s toy box which Miko wasn’t […]

Weekend List


So far it’s been a glorious long Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend with temps in the 70s and sunny weather. Granted, that fact that it’s so warm and sunny in February here is scary! But might as well enjoy it, right? Hubby has been surprising me with lots of fun little Valentine’s goodies like flowers. And one huge one […]

Curry Ginger Banana Soup


Leela is not a happy camper after her vet appointment yesterday. Her sniffling cold has been hanging around for the last week, so to the vet she went to find out why. Turns out she has a sinus infection, got a shot, and has to take 4 pills a day for awhile now. Poor girl! […]

Creamy Hemp Sriracha Dressing


Ah Tuesday, at least you’re not Monday. Smokey is happy any day of the week and has been especially clingy and lovey lately following us around the house and carefully watching what’s going on. I worry that she may be a little lonely, but pretty sure she wouldn’t appreciate not being queen of the house […]