Weekend List with Gardening


Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I’m feeling relaxed this morning with cooler temps and overcast sky outside, perfect conditions for a run shortly. I also caught up on a lot of house work yesterday including a lot of vacuuming which the chihuahuas do not like. It’s been cooler this weekend and cloudy, a […]

Simple Sweet Dressing


Leela is still not happy about the triple digit heat here, she kind of wanders around the house restless and seems a little more on edge being stuck inside. But it’s too dangerous to take them for long walks during the worst of the heat. Miko agrees, he’s still fine with chilling inside. I’m fine […]

Fermenting & Getting Inspired by Dr. Neal Barnard


The week is chugging along here, sweet Miko was sitting in the office with me this morning waiting for something exciting like walk time. My exciting week-long wait for home fermented sauerkraut is over and now I have two huge bowls of probiotic garlic dill sauerkraut stashed in the fridge. I’m sad to say that I have […]

Weekend List with New Protein


Miko has been happy to chill in the air conditioning with triple digit heat temps this weekend. Not Leela, when she gets bored and restless and wants a walk, she will tell us. It doesn’t matter that it’s uncomfortably hot and she’s just been out to the backyard, when she wants a walk – I […]

Nacho Avocado Dip


This week is almost over, whew! I’m looking forward to some fun this weekend too, the last few days at work have just seemed to drag on. I think I have summer fever, road trips and adventures sound much better in the sunny, warm weather than being in an office. So does having outdoor parties […]

Summery Dill Dressing


The dry summer heat is in full swing here, we’re seeing more highs in the triple digits and it’s nice to stay inside enjoying the air conditioning during that time! Luckily the mornings and evenings are cool for runs and yard work, we just try to plan to stay inside during the worst of the […]

Sweet Treats & Great News for the Weekend List


I have been lusting over this tank top from Herbivore Clothing for awhile for a gym tank, so when I saw it at the Vida Vegan Con Bazaar, I grabbed it! And I love wearing it to the gym because it’s cute and sends a positive vegan message. It’s also a great length to wear […]

Super Broccoli Soup


I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday, I’m looking forward to rest and fun after this work week. And catching up on laundry, eek! Miko has been cuddling up to hubby a lot this week looking for play time, he gets restless and bored with us working all day. I wish I could take Miko to work, […]

Spicy Peanut Dressing


At Whole Foods over the weekend, I impulse bought a quinoa starter plant to add to our garden. It looks like a weed, I would never have guessed it produces such a hearty grain. From what I’ve been reading, we’re not gonna get much from it and it will only grow about 2′ tall. But […]

Weekend List with Cowspiracy


Ah Sunday, our last bit of weekend freedom before going back to work tomorrow. I had a lazy and peaceful morning reading and catching up on office stuff with lazy chihuahuas. Then headed out for a 3 miles run and got some yard work down while I was sweaty, covered in sunblock, and stinky. I […]