Butternut Tahini Dressing


Today was one of those get-me-a-glass-of-wine-now days at work. I’ll spare you the details, but tackling big projects and growing pains is not fun mixed with the holidays and stressed out co-workers. But I think Leela is a little more stressed than me today. She’s been getting a little cranky when Miko or Smokey gets […]

Potluck Vanilla Chai Chia Seed Pudding


It’s still raining here and that’s okay, we still need it and have plenty of holiday cheer inside. But Miko is still not happy about the rain, he’d like more active walks and is ready to party in the evenings! I went to a work party/brunch potluck today. I know, brunch. Why brunch? An awkward […]

Healthy Donuts & Orange Tahini Dressing


I’m almost ready for Christmas, most of the shopping is done, packages shipped, decorations up, etc. Time to relax and enjoy the festivities! Miko agrees, he has a new reindeer squeaky toy thanks to my mom and is happy to enjoy the decorated fireplace. I enjoyed another vegan meetup this weekend at a new vegan […]

Versatile Cumin Lentils and Quinoa


Thanks to the Pineapple Express, which the massive storm that’s been hitting Northern California for the last two days has been named, it’s been raining non stop here for over 24 hours. No flooding in this area and the winds have not been as bad as predicted, so we’ve been lucky! And getting all the […]

Cranberry Banana Dressing


Miko is still not digging the chillier weather and he’s gonna be really upset over the next few days since we’re supposed to get a super storm with mass amounts of wind and rain. But he’s been getting a lot of indoor play time with hubby. And I’ve been trying to get play time for […]

Curry Kabocha Squash


Today was the California International Marathon and while I didn’t run it, I did head into Sacramento to celebrate with the Team Veg members that did. It was an adventure getting into midtown Sacramento with all the finish line activity at the capitol, there were a lot of tired and slow pedestrians with medals hobbling […]

Dijon Banana Dressing


Yay, Friday is almost here. These full work weeks after a week of vacation are brutal! I’m already looking at my work calendar to plan another day off…or two. And looking forward to the weekend and hoping we can get a Christmas tree if the weather lets us, it was too rainy last weekend. Miko […]

Sweet Tahini Dressing


It’s been raining pretty good here for the last few days and that’s great, we need it! But Miko is not interested in the rain at all, he’d rather snuggle in his pile of blankets. I can’t blame him, I’m tempted to do the same instead of leaving the house for work on cold, dark, […]